Who is Give It A Go 4350?

Give It A Go is currently funded by the founder Jon Crisp. Jon has worked in the community services sector of Toowoomba since 2002, working in the disability and mental health and homeless sector.
Jon has been tinkering around with motor cars since the mid 1970’s, changing engines, brake shoes, oil and oil filters, radiators, radiator hoses, and the list goes on. Jon has personally owned over 150 cars over the years.

Give It A Go 4350, currently under the auspice of Seeds of Hope Nanango, a not-for-profit organisation, are assisting to improve and rebuild the lives of disadvantaged people in our area by offering them an opportunity, Giving It A Go, to assist in rebuilding their self-esteem, self-worth and purpose in life, things that many of us take for granted.

The group of people we are talking about are those that may have suffered from trauma, domestic violence, mental health concerns, afflictions from birth, the results of poor parenting, family breakdowns plus people who are capable and keen to do something constructive but are not afforded a go.

So often I have heard people say “Get a job,” but for many it’s just not that simple any more.

Give It A Go 4350 will assist to enabling our target group to improve their lives and purpose by getting them involved in this project of;
    • Rebuilding and cleaning up motor vehicles for resale
    • Detailing motor vehicles
    • Dismantling motor vehicles.
    • Giving driving instruction (later in 2016 to early 2017)

Give It A Go 4350 has operated from mid July 2016 and in 8 hour shifts every Saturday. We will have room for 5 people in any one 4 hour period.

Give It A Go 4350 would welcome any donations of tools and equipment, motor cars running or not, rags, people who would like to tutor or mentor, encouraging people to bring their vehicles in for basic mechanical repair, a vehicle detail and oil change.